Your Security Is Our Priority
   Accredited Security and Investigation Services (A.S.I.S) is a bonded, insured and fully licensed female owned and operated investigation and security agency  that offers a wide range of security  and investigative services and has a world-wide network of affiliates and connections.

    A.S.I.S specializes in every type of investigation, from personal to corporate, and we guarantee an efficient, cost effective service to meet your individual needs.

    Accredited Security and Investigation Services (A.S.I.S) offers comprehensive security programs to protect persons and property as well. We are committed to providing safe and secure environments for your business.

    Our Services:

    1. Professional security guard, executive protection and loss prevention services.

    2. Private investigative and surveillance services to corporate, insurance, and legal professionals, as well as to individual clients with private and domestic issues.  

    3. Labour Dispute Management 

    Our team provides a high standard of quality, integrity, professionalism, and ethical conduct. We are confident that you will be totally satisfied with our approach.

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